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The 10 Italian dishes lesser-known abroad

Spaghetti, pizza and ice cream. Not surprisingly, these are the dishes that foreigners envy us for and even travel to Italy to taste. But if you tried to go beyond the classic tourist menu, you would be met by a table of regional dishes nothing short of exceptional and must-try at first opportunity.


1 Bigoli

A long pasta and thick, like a big spaghetti (but rougher) and typical of the Veneto.


2 Ribollita

A tasty traditional dish of the so-called “cucina povera” (poor people) comes from a normal soup of stale bread, cabbage and beans.


3.Risi e bisi

Made only of rice and peas, with the addition of bacon but incredibly tasty (halfway between a soup and a risotto.) A dish typical of the Veneto


Tortellini in Broth

Unlike the classic tortellini drowned in a sea of cream, they float in a simple home-made chicken broth.



Just like ribollita, the dumplings are also made of stale bread, but in this case mixed with eggs and milk.


Ossobuco alla milanese

If there is a meat dish that absolutely must be tasted in Italy, this is the osso buco, or one veal shank braised in white wine and served with gremolada.



A fish soup made up of different kinds of fish, put to cook at different times in a rich sauce of broth and tomatoes, seasoned with sage and garlic.


Focaccia di Recco

the classic “Recco focaccia with cheese”, originally from the village of Genoa.



Bottarga is not a dish but rather an ingredient: derived from eggs of tuna or mulleta. A delicacy and typical of Sicily and Sardinia.



A typical sweet of the Christmas holidays, but available all year round, it is composed of a mixture of egg white, honey, sugar, almonds or toasted nuts and citrus peel.  

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