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‘Son of the Heart’: Benheart

Everything began after a heart transplant, when he woke up with a new perspective on life and realized that he now had the best chance to express his emotions through his hands. That’s why Benheart is tantamount to ‘son of the heart,’ a heart that is the distinctive look imprinted on all his leather goods: shoes, bags, jackets, and belts.
Six years ago, he opened his first store in Florence. Currently, there are six stores, five of which are in Italy and one of which is in Tokyo. Soon there will be seven boutiques, as a new one is about to open in San Francisco, CA at the beginning of the next year. Along with his heart, Ishan takes inspiration from the American way of living, which he describes as vivacious, happy, full of hopes and fueled by dreams. Happiness and dreams are the main ingredients of this new fashion based primarily on quality, on the quality of emotions that come from the heart.
“We look at the quality first: quality is our brand identity. Then, of course, all our products have to fit and be beautiful when you wear them,” Ben told us.
The clothing and accessories are entirely crafted by hand, the treatment of which is derived from the tradi- tions of Ben’s native town. Customized pieces are also available if you visit one of their locations in Florence.


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