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Twenty-five Years of Style

Meet Sauro, founder of Contrasto Aveda Salon
It all began in 1991 on Via della Mosca, a tiny street behind Via De’ Neri. It was here that Sauro opened his first saloon. At that time it was a small shop, and Sauro could not imagine that years later the saloon would multiply by three, and no longer be small. He took the next shop, connected to his, and this is how the first big salon was born. Then, in the course of the years, came the other two.
The second, the Aveda Concept, opened in 2005 on the corner between Via della Mosca and Via de’ Neri; the third on Via de Benci, as an Aveda Salon, in 2010.
The name Contrasto was chosen “because it means ‘opposite’, which to me has the significance of the different styles that our team can offer,” tells us Sauro. To ‘Contrasto’ then ‘Aveda’ was added, as Sauro’s, 20 years ago, was the first salon in Florence to offer the Aveda brand. Back then, in Italy, the brand was not as famous as today. Even in this respect Sauro was a pioneer.
But there is one element in particular that makes it possible to tell a history, to make the ‘Contrasto’ brand unique.
“The most important thing, the one that gave us the possibility to have a story to tell, is training: single and collective, professional and human, at times with imperfections, but al- ways with the intent to transform any situation or episode into a new occasion or opportunity to improve,” says Sauro.
Training, human and professional, is what allows to give value to diversity.
“I have always believed that to hide our defects is an error, as it is through diversity that we can exalt our unicity. Real beauty means to be authentic, it is treasure to discover day by day, with perseverance and thrift. It is from this belief that the essence of the three Contrasto sa- lons was born, which to me today represent a balanced ‘ecosystem’ whose foundation is, first of all, human growth. It is essential to be able to always communicate the humility and the passion that we have for our job. For this reason I have decided to invest a lot of energy on training my staff, not only a stylistic and technical training, but also human; I believe that a person with passion can obtain much more than a thou- sand people,” says Sauro. The salons are also involved in some charitable activities, “to help those who have physical difficulties.” Twenty five years have passed, the passion for the job has remained and is destined to remain for a long time.


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