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Roberto Ugolini: Master Loafer

Quality and elegance. This is what you can find in a small shop next to Piazza Santo Spirito that carries on the antique tradition of designing and producing handcrafted shoes, primarily for male clients who want to wear the top quality. The shop is that of Roberto Ugolini, a Florentine artisan famous in America and Japan for designing and manufacturing shoes based on the wishes of his customers and on the shape of their foot. The shop offers a wide range of solutions regarding shape, colors and materials. Entering it you can ‘breath’ the air of an old tradition that today has become a rare luxury.
The formula of Roberto is that of combining the best Florentine artisan traditions with the highest quality of materials.
Always with the same scope: quality and elegance.

Via Michelozzi 27/r (next to Piazza Santo Spirito)


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