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Home of the Dragoon

Throughout its 35 years of history, the Kikuya English Pub has been a meeting place for friends, students, and tourists of all nationalities. The current owner Annalisa, a native Brazilian, has kept a diverse atmosphere alive within this iconic pub.
When Annalisa first started working at Kikuya with her sister, she could not imagine calling the pub her home away from home 24 years later. Her passion for English beers and customers who later became her friends has created a welcoming and memorable pub with a knack for English ales and good times.
Located on Via De’ Benci, Kikuya is the only home to the Charles Wells Dragoon beer. A strong, yet sweet pale ale is the highlight of the pubs draft beers. Annalisa has put her own fun twist on the beer by serving it with a sweet lollipop. The eclectic addition is indicative of Annalisa’s own vibrant personality and ability to keep Kikuya’s atmosphere young and fun. Everyday from 7 p.m. – 10p.m. the pub offers any burger or panini with fries and a drink for €10.


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