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4 Days of Dances

Danza in Fiera returns at the Fortezza da Basso from Feb. 22-25

This month Florence is tributing dance with one of the biggest events in Europe dedicated to this form of art, Danza in Fiera, which will be returning for its 12th edition at the Fortezza da Basso Feb. 22-25.

Professionals, dancers, studios, groups and companies will gather from all over the world offering stages, competitions, classrooms, castings and auditions on all the different styles of dance ranging from classic ballet to contemporary dance, tango, hip hop, Latin, country musical, folk, and waltz. With over 500 events scheduled, their participants will include professional and amateur dancers alike.

An entire area will be dedicated to urban and street dance, while the International Academies Open Days will offer the possibility to be selected for professional centers and worldwide academies. Special attention will be dedicated to America, which will be quite well represented this year, and to vintage dance with various typologies being taught.


Danza in Fiera

Opening Hours:

Thursday 3 – 8 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 8 pm


One day: 15

Four days: 40



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