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Chestnut Festival

By Emily Baqir

The 52nd annual Marradi Chestnut Festival will begin on Sunday, October 4 offering visitors traditional delicacies of the brown nut. The festival takes place every Sunday in October.

Per usual, food stalls will be selling typical local products such as chestnut cake, chestnut jam, roasted chestnuts and more.  

A highlight of the festival will be a tasting of traditional Marradese cuisine. The meal will include polenta with porcini mushrooms and rotisserie meats, accompanied by local wines and sweets made with chestnuts.

Food tasting and purchasing will be accompanied by be live music, children’s attractions, and illusionists.

For more information contact the Tourist Office of Marradi by calling 055/8045170, writing to info@pro-marradi.it or visit www.pro-marradi.it.


Oct. 4, 11, 18, and 25.

Marradi is located about 1:45 north of Florence. It can be reached by bus.

Train trips with music, folklore, gastronomy, and shows.

Trips with Antologia Viaggi, 0573 367158, samuela@antologiaviaggi.it

General info: 055 8045170, info@pro-marradi.it

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