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Uffizi Archeologia

by Marine Le Canne

“Museums in windows? No, thank you!”

With this slogan, the Uffizi becomes even more social. In September, the Uffizi will launch a new project in order to enhance its archaeological section with the hashtag #uffiziarcheologia by Christian Barandoni and Fabrizio Paolucci. The Department of Classical Antiquities at the Uffizi Gallery promotes and facilitates preservation, and the study and enhancement of the archaeological collection. Activities include the development and new tools of knowledge, the dissemination of complex information to various audiences and the promotion of the heritage through events and special days (especially the one held on International Archeology Day).

Since April 2014, the Department has launched a section that is dedicated to the development and design of routes and means of communication through the activation of profiles on major social media sites that caters to the general public, without ever losing sight of the essence of the scientific concepts that are introduced into the networks.

The first project of the department in this ambience is the launching of a new web communication system with the hashtag #uffiziarcheologia, with a focus of gaining attention from visitors, both real and virtual, on the large archeological heritage, which is both statuesque and architectural. This heritage is strewn all across the gallery and it has often been unnoticed or been overshadowed by more famous and prestigious works of art that are known throughout the world. These famous works of art are often the motivation behind visits to certain museums.

For the launch of this new project, the department has decided to invite a team of expert “Archeobloggers” that are entrusted with the task of promoting the project through new social networking sites that are the most important in the world. In the morning, these bloggers will visit statues behind closed doors, whereas in the afternoon they will focus on the architecture in order to reveal the enormous archeological heritage of the Gallery to the virtual community.


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