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The Firenzecard is a way for tourists and locals alike to visit the countless museums the city has to offer.

For 72€, the card includes the cost of entrance, the ticket for the exhibition, and the reservation for all the museums of the Firenzecard Circuit. Also, a Firenzecard customized ticket valid for three days on the city public transportation (Ataf, Linea and tram), the Firenze Free Wifi service by City of Florence, and the free Firenzecard app for Android and iPhone. Additionally, cardholders have the priority access in all the museums of the Circuit.

The card lasts 72 hours after it is activated. Activation occurs when the card is used for the first time at a museum.

Cardholders do not need to make any reservation with Firenzecard because it includes, in its price, the reservation for all the museums. With Firenzecard, cardholders can visit the museums when they choose and can access to the museums through the reserved entrance. Cardholders only have to go to the priority access following the Firenzecard signs and to show the card to the staff of the museums.

Firenzecard can be used at 67 museums, but it can only be used once per museum. The card cannot be shared or transferred.

For more information on the card or to purchase one, visit http://www.firenzecard.it/www.firenzecard.it


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