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50 Days of International Cinema Returns


Sam Henken


The 50 Days of Cinema film festival is back in Florence, celebrating its eighth year at the Odeon Theater with the overarching theme of “Future.” The festival lasts until December 14 and brings a wide variety of films to Florence, spanning many genres and countries.


Created in 2007 as a way to bring all of the smaller film festivals in the city into one huge event, 50 Days of Cinema consists of 10 smaller festivals that each feature a different theme or country of origin. With so many films spanning so many genres and interests, there is sure to be something for everyone.


Contemporary French Film Festival October 30 – November 2

After inaugural ceremonies, the festival opens with some of the best of contemporary French cinema. This year the festival is in honor of famous French director Alain Resnais and screens his last film, Life of Riley, with appearances by its stars and producer.


Ethnomusical Film Festival November 3–5

Featuring the best of films and documentaries about music and culture from all around the world, the Ethnomusical Film Festival takes audiences from Argentina to the Central African jungle. The festival concludes with a film about kora player Ablaye Cissoko and a performance by Cissoko himself.


The International Festival of Cinema and Women November 6–11

The 36th edition of the International Festival of Cinema and Women features films from some of the best female directors from all over Europe. The festival includes a tribute to writer/director Lorenza Mazzetti, a pioneer for female filmmakers in the 1960s.


Screen Art Film Festival November 12–16

This festival brings together contemporary art and film in amazing and beautiful ways. This year’s festival focuses on Hito Steyerl and his work on the use of media in the era of globalization.


Balkan Florence Express November 17–20

Balkan Florence Express brings the best in cinema from the Balkans to Florence for the third year in a row. This year Slovenian films play a huge role, featuring director Rok Bicek’s Class Enemy, a winner at last year’s Venice Film Festival.


Florence Queer Festival November 21–27

LGBTIQ cinema and culture comes to Florence for the 13th installment of this festival. More than 30 films vie for the title of the festival’s best picture, while art, literature and theater exhibitions also add to the event. Do not miss Pierrot Lunaire, the last effort of the visionary and irreverent Canadian director Bruce LaBruce.


Festival dei Popolo November 28–December 5

The 55th Festival dei Popoli offers the best of international documentary films and features a competition for the best short-, medium- and feature-length documentary. Influential documentarian Jos de Putter is honored with a screening of his film See No Evil.


River to River Indian Film Festival December 6–12

River to River is Italy’s only Indian film festival and is celebrating its 14th year under the patronage of the Indian Embassy. This year’s festival focuses on young people and their relationship with the online world with an all-new “Online Stories” section.


Review of Finnish Cinema December 13–14

This selection offers films for the entire family that entertain children and give additional meaning to adults. The two days are filled with events, movies and music.


N.I.C.E. 2014 December 14

The last leg of the international tour of N.I.C.E concludes the 50 Days. The festival promotes Italian film all over the world and aims to foster new love for Italian film culture. This year features a broad selection of films from such directors as Alessio Cremonini, Scarlett De Venuto and Antonio Morabito. The event also features a prize awarded for the most popular film among audiences abroad.


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