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Baptistery and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo Museum to Reopen

The Baptistery and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo (Museum of the Works of the Cathedral) are scheduled to reopen to the public after restoration on Oct. 25 and Oct. 29, respectively, just in time for Pope Francis’ November visit.

The Baptistery took two million Euros and 18 months to restore, while the Museum required more at 31 million Euros and two years. The restoration involved the external marble cladding, roof, and lantern.

“It was a conservative intervention aimed at removing the layers of scale and polluting substances, in addition to consolidating and redefining the marble elements that had deteriorated over time,” said a spokesperson of the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, the institution in charge to preserve and enhance the monuments of the Dome complex.

The work will completed in time for the Fifth National Ecclesial Convention which will be held in November. Pope Francis will attend.

The Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was constructed between 1059 and 1128 in Florentine Romanesque style, whose influence was decisive for the subsequent development of architecture and formed the basis from which architects such as Francesco Talenti, Leon Battista Alberti, and Filippo Brunelleschi, among others, invented Renaissance architecture.

The Museo dell’Opera del Duomo will reopen with an exhibition presenting the works of the most important collection in the world of sculpture, sacred medieval and Renaissance Florentine masterpieces such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Luca della Robbia, and many more.


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