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Bargello Announces Donatello Restoration Complete


The Bargello Museum has announced the restoration of Donatello’s bronze Crucifixion complete.


The relief, originally completed between 1453 and 1454, underwent its most thorough restoration yet and is finally ready to be shown again in the Bargello. The restoration took six months and cost approximately €20,000, which was funded by Friends of Florence.

The restoration took place in full view of visitors to the Bargello by restorer Ludovica Nicolai, who also cleaned Donatello’s David for the museum. It has enlivened a surface darkened by dirt, wax, resin and varnish with an unprecedented new level of detail and beauty.

“After this restoration, Donatello’s bronze Crucifixion has acquired a fulness of radiance and richness of detail that was truly unexpected before it was cleaned,“ said Cristina Acidini, Superintendent of the State Museums of Florence, “a scene now glimmering with myriad golden and silver reflections in heaven and on earth, lending glittering splendor to the drama of the Redemption.”      


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