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The Beatles Return to Nof


Local cover band to perform on Tuesday nights


Thomas Ricciotti


Everything is the same, since 1994. The night, Tuesday. The sound, because the instruments are the same, all ‘60s originals. The amplifiers, also original. The clothes, bought in England. Original, of course. But the most striking “same” is the hand: the left, the one that Dason Giglioli, leader and founder of the band, uses to play his bass. The left, exactly like Paul McCartney. And finally, the success the band has encountered in Florence over the last 20 years.


Vox Power was formed in 1993 when Mr Dason met Mr Fashian while they were both buying a guitar at a local store. They could not imagine in that moment that years later locals would stop them in the streets of Florence to congratulate them and have a chat with “the Beatles.”


The band comprises members Mr Fashian (guitar/John Lennon) who never likes to acknowledge when someone is right, even when they are; Mr Dason (bass/Paul), a perfectionist who always wants the song to sound like the original, so as not to go mad; Mr Nick (lead guitar/George), who pretends to be a guy from the 2000 but in fact got stuck in the ‘60s; and Mr Muffin (drums/Ringo) and his perennial smile.


The Vox Power have played regularly over the past 10 years, not just in Florence, where they have performed in several local bars and clubs including the Hard Rock Cafe and BeBop. They have toured regularly throughout Italy and, in 2005, the United States, and were also asked to make a DVD to teach people how to play the instruments as the Beatles once did.


The secret of this success is a simple one: a genuine passion for the Beatles, which can be perceived in any show. A passion that makes Dason and his crew pride themselves on being a cover band and give audiences the feeling of seeing the Beatles live through interactive shows that appeal to a vast audience ranging from young kids, particularly foreign students, to locals and expats of all ages.
Now they can be seen every Tuesday night at Nof Club, where you may get the same feeling of being at The Tavern in Liverpool in the early 1960s.


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