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Blue Knight: Timeless Elegance

When Warren Knight and Olivier de Molina met in China, it was clear that the two shared a passion for the finer things in life. Their bond over classic, elegant, and rich products paved the way to the opening of Warren’s dream of an interior design and accessory store in Florence; BLU Knight is offering a wide array of fine high quality products inspired design from 18th century England, Han, Ming & Qing Dynasties of China and Italian baroque period.
Since the opening in summer 2015, Warren and Olivier have gradually shifted the focus from an interior design studio/boutique to a lifestyle brand. They felt that the store should evolve with other ideas and designs, the result was the creations of a new home/clothing department BLU Uomo, including linen towels, pyjamas, signature scented candles, and a men’s clothing and accessories section. The Gentlemen’s boutique opened last month, with Knight and de Molina having already collaborated with their manufacturers to customize their product’s fabric, lining, color, and materials etc.
BLU Uomo is synonymous with class, elegance, and sophistication. The aesthetic is that of the contemporary gentleman, with Knight contributing his modern American vision and de Molina his more traditional European vision. The two intertwine to create a wardrobe for the sophisticated contemporary gentleman, complemented by fine furniture, antiques, and lighting, all chosen with the upmost attention to detail.
The store sells works of artesian craftsmen of eastern and western descent including pieces from 6th generation Chinese painters and traditional Tuscan frame makers. With globalization, Olivier says, it is vital to try and preserve traditional methods of production. It is important for Warren as well as him that products are about “villagization,” (a term he uses to refer to opposite of globalization.) Thus, the store sells handmade goods that not only keep tradition going, but support local communities that were the foundation to luxuries and comfort. Many of the chandeliers and lighting come from local Tuscan artisans (Badari Lighting), while Warren and Olivier provide specific instructions and feedback as to how their products turn out. This is their attempt at holding onto a piece of history for the pleasure of future generations in a time where massive corporations are seizing control of every industry. The multi-brand store has attracted both foreigners and locals alike. The two designers hope to eventually expand BLU Knight to other countries, as of now they offer their personalized, luxury services and goods across the world from their home base Florence. Their work is not restricted to the products they put out, but the camaraderie with their associates and manufacturers, customer satisfaction, positive relations, and preservation of artisanal methods and techniques.


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