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Bringing Ancient East and Modern West

“I’m the point where the East meets the West,” she says about herself and her design style.

Her ‘branding’ style is a bridge between two cultures, two different worlds that cross their line of boundary and merge while still maintaining their distinctive features: ancient Persia and modern West.

Taraneh Azad came to Italy from Iran to further her career, and the choice of Italy proved to be right one.

She was born in Tehran, Iran, 31 years ago. In 2010 she received a Bachelor of Architecture from Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, faculty of Art and Architecture. During this period she developed a style based on the combination of ancient Persian art with modern Italian design, fusing her cultural roots with her particular inclination to modernity.

Taraneh Azad, an architect, interior and furniture designer, has come a long way from her school days and since then has worked on many luxury projects around the world.

The city where she decided to move to further her style was Milan, the Italian capital of modern design, the perfect place to pursue the ambition of becoming a successful interior and furniture designer. Here she enrolled in the Scuola Politecnica di Design, one of the most prestigious design schools in Italy, from which she received a Master’s degree in Interior Design in 2013.

After graduating, she began working with prominent Italian designers, such as Simone Micheli and Samuele Mazza. Currently she is collaborating on several projects with Zanaboni, the world leading brand in high-end furniture. This comes as no surprise, since Zanaboni couples the style of classic furniture with today’s advanced technology.

Such an assignment puts Azad in a very special position because Iran is regarded as a key market for Italian exports, particularly of luxury goods, and design plays a imperative role within this trend.

Wealthy Iranians are fond of Italian furniture, both the classical and modern styles, which is why she is now involved with some important interior design projects in Teheran.


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