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Carla Sorrenti’s Style

Bold and imperious creations, elegant baroque bags designed to be tiny and perfect for both day and night—this is the world of the emerging, Calabrian-born stylist currently in Florence, Carla Sorrenti.

After several partnerships with famous accessories maisons, Carla made her debut with the Venusia bags.

Personalization and limited edition are the key elements of the Venusia bag’s style with its new, comfortable opening like a treasure chest, its safe external slot for smartphones, and its capability to hold a little bottle of water along with other details for any woman needs.

The new spring/summer collection is the modern interpretation of a bag inspired by Venus, the roman goddess of beauty and love, and by the old noble emblem of Carla Sorrenti’s family.

To discover Carla Sorrenti’s world, visit her website www.carlasorrenti.it


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