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Chocolate Fair Returns Feb. 12­21

Chocolate Fair Returns Feb. 12­21

Thomas Ricciotti

Ten long, sweet days of chocolate of all kinds. It is precisely this the (only) ingredient of the

Chocolate Fair taking place in Santa Maria Novella from Friday February 12 to Sunday February


This year edition, the 12th of the event, presents an important novelty, as the organizers are, for

the first time in the history of the fair, all women. Caterina, Veronica, Beatrice and Ilaria have, in

fact, prepared an event in which the most renowned ‘artisans of chocolate’ from all over the Italy

will showcase their products in a variety of forms to ‘taste’ the feedback of consumers.

Conveniently organized in coincidence of St Valentine’s Day, the festival offers patrons a

different aspect to just seeing and tasting the products on display by allowing them to participate

in various activities. Workshops and games for kids will be as usual an important part of the

event, while industry professionals will host cooking classes to teach how to create desserts and

discover the secrets to the art of chocolate­making.

In the spirit of the event, local restaurants have collaborated with festival organizers to prepare

entire meals based on chocolate for the public to enjoy over the period of the festival, with the

intention of discovering the many and unusual uses of the cocoa bean and its products.


Artisan Chocolate Fair

February 12–16

Piazza Santa Maria Novella



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