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Corri la Vita Marathon Coming This Weekend 

By Erin Bode 

Corri la Vita, since 2003 the Florence marathon aimed at raising money for breast cancer treatment and research, is taking place this Sunday. 

Runners will have the choice between a 11 Km path if they want to participate in the competitive race, or a more scenic 6 Km walk.

Participants wearing the 2022 Corri la Vita shirt or showing a receipt of their donation will have free access to many city museums and exhibitions on Sunday. 

This year’s is the first ‘in person’ marathon in Florence since 2019. Both 2020 and 2021 Corri la Vita marathons were, in fact, held digitally due to COVID-19 restrictions. Even with the event taking place online, however, the community still came together, with over 40,000 shirts being purchased in those two years. 

Prospective participants have until Oct. 2 to register. To sign up for the event, go to the marathon website https://www.corrilavita.it/. Once signed up, you can purchase a €10 t-shirt, the proceeds all going to Corri la Vita

Since 2003, when it was started by the initiative of Florentine high-profile personality Bona Frescobaldi, Corri la Vita has raised over €7 million which was used to support over 500,000 women in their fight against breast cancer by giving them easier access to mammograms, radiographs and galactography through a number of organizations dedicated to the early prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. 

Past accomplishments include scholarships awarded to students interested in radiology and pursuing the treatment of breast cancer. Corri la Vita has also helped fund the LILT app, which informs people on prevention methods. LILT provides a map that shows where women can go to find tests and treatment for breast cancer in Florence.