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Council Increases Investment in Culture

Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella announced last month that the City Council will invest €19 million for maintenance of historic sites and 40 million for promoting cultural events. The objective of the Council is repeating the successes of 2017, with Florence being named the best city for cultural events by the prestigious Artribune Magazine.


“We want to continue with dedication and humility to improve our cultural offer to both our citizens and visitors,” said mayor of Florence Dario Nardella.


The council, as usual, has given a particular attention to the events taking place in the summer, when tourist season is at its peak and the nice weather favors outdoor events in the fantastic setting of the city. The budget destined just to summer events is of €one million. Supervisor will be artistic director Tommaso Sacchi.


Sacchi explained that the choice of collaborators, in particular non-profit cultural associations, will come sooner than usual. The deadline for cultural associations to submit their proposals is Feb. 20.


“Our intention is to give more time to the cultural associations to improve the quality of their offer by giving them the possibility to better plan their work,” said Sacchi.


The aim is that of enhancing the city suburbs and the talent of the local youth to promote the arts and in particular music and the visual arts.


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