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Derek Presents his LP at One Eyed Jack Pub on April 28

Florentine-based singer Derek James will present his LP Master of None at the One Eyed Jack pub on April 28.

Derek released his album last year thanks to the support received from a GoFundMe fundraiser.

At One Eyed Jack, he will also perform covers of bands such as Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, The Avett Brothers and the Lumineers.

His music is a mix of alternative indie rock with hints of folk/pop ‘90s. The harmony, soulful guitar and thoughtful lyrics of his album, which can be found on iTunes, Google play and Apple music, have almost 100,000 hits on Spotify so far.

Derek grew up listening to his older brother’s music and classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne. After teaching himself how to play guitar, he discovered his own sound.

He moved to Florence for “the food, the scenery, the art and the intimacy.” Although he found a perfect musical environment in Florence that is “extremely fascinating and also very satisfying,” he admits that life here can also be “challenging.”

Derek also helps young and talented Florentine musicians.

“If I’m present and I’m aware that you are a musician, you have no choice,” he laughs. “I will make you perform.”

He believes that Florence has the potential for a great music scene, but you must look for “diamonds in the rough.” He says that depending on where you look in the city, you may find something really special.

“My goal is to bring musicians together from all walks of life to perform together and communicate on stage, regardless of what language they speak. I want to encourage people to take the stage,” he says.

Meet the artist and listen to his music live at One Eyed Jack on April 28.