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“I Do Not Dare, I Dare Not To Be” Il Ponte Presents Luca Patella

The contemporary art Gallery Il Ponte is presenting the exhibition I Do Not Dare,I Dare Not To Be by Luca Maria Patella.

An internationally renowned re- search artist, Patella is known for his complex semantic relations and techniques ranging from painting to sculpture-objects, in- stallations, photographs, films and video, graphic works, as well as books and writing. The exhibit runs from Sept. 22 to Nov. 10.

Two Physiognomical Vases made from the profiles of the famous portrait of the Dukes of Urbino by Piero della Francesca at the Uffizi Gallery open the showcase. On the walls of second room are works that provided the basis, for some decades now, for Patella’s eclectic research which ranges from art, science, psychoanalysis and lan- guage studies. To the end of the room on the second floor, a Campanaro strikes on the hour and every quarter of an hour almost as to mark the descent to the lower floor, where, from a small window, it appears a dawn-pink child’s bed- room encircled by the words “New Life: naked except for the cloth draped around her, slightly visceral”. Back to the half-dark basement are some of Patella’s “film-works” including Terra Animata (1965-67), recently defined as “a key-work in the history of Landart” at the MOCA in Los Angeles.

The lounge area hosts a large selection of photographic works from the early 1960s that document the artist’s experimentation and his invention of printing and record- ing techniques (for example, his pioneer use of a fish-eye lens infrared photography and color print- ing of black-and-white negatives. Born in Rome in 1934, since 1964, Patella has exhibited all over the world, including seven times at the Venice Art Biennale; the V Paris Biennale, the San Marino Bien- nale, 1967, and has showcased his works in some of the most important contemporary art galleries and museums all over the world.

The Galleria Il Ponte is located on Via di Mezzo 42, in the Sant’Ambrogio area.


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