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Eurostar Launches a Direct London-Amsterdam Train

Eurostar will offer a direct train from London to Amsterdam beginning April 4. The ride will be twice a day and four hours long. Passengers will have to commute in Brussels.


The train runs in the morning on Saturdays, and in the evening on Sundays (on weekdays, departure from London at 8:31 a.m. and 5:31 p.m). The high-speed train runs only on Tuesdays.


Tickets went on sale on Feb. 20 and price starts from £35 one way and varies according to the Channel Tunnel train operator.


London to Amsterdam is one of the busiest and more competitive routes in all of Europe.


“The launch of the London to Amsterdam service marks a historic milestone in the expansion of international high-speed rail travel, revolutionising the connection between these important destinations,” a Eurostar spokesperson said.