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A Fairytale Still Going On Discovering Prague with Bus2Alps

With the prestige of being one of the locations on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Prague’s architectural splendor has influenced the development of most European architecture, through monuments created over a thousand years that give this city a magic, unique glamour. A fairytale glamour, because when you walk in the streets of Prague you have the sensation of being in a fantasy world.

The historic center, built between the 11th and 18th centuries, is one of Europe’s cultural and aesthetic gems. As one of the cities that has effectively preserved much of its original structure, the intriguing architecture of the early Middle Ages, High Gothic period and High Baroque period can be seen nestled on the banks of the Vltava River. Many of the glorious monuments, palaces and churches such as the Hradcani Castle, St Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge were built under the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV in the fourteenth century and remain main attractions.

Sites such as the Prague Castle, the Cathedral of St Vitus and Hradćany Square in front of the Castle have become internationally known, as well as the Valdgtejn Palace on the left bank of the river, the Gothic Charles Bridge, the Romanesque Rotunda of the Holy Rood and the Gothic arcaded houses of the Old Town Square.

Not only does Prague offer much of Europe’s visual brilliance, but it was additionally one of the main centers of Christianity. Founded in 1348, and one of the earliest to be established in Europe, the Prague University was a major factor in the European Reformation. Many ideas of the Hussite Movement were formed at the university which gave way to the beginning of the reformation.

Prague has also been a vital center for the intellectual and cultural advancement of central Europe, being associated with renowned individuals such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein and co-founder of the League of Nations, Edvard Beneš.

In addition to its rich history, the modern side of Prague complements the city with a diverse selection of traditional cuisine, entertainment, art and nightlife. Many of the best Czech restaurants are located amongst the historic attractions. The John Lennon Wall offers a perspective on a more recent period of the Czech Republic, while Prague’s largest nightclub, Karlovy Lazne, offers five floors and 10 bars, proving the city’s truly unique ability to mix old with new.

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