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Florence to Host Peace Summit in 2015

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella has announced that the city will host a three-day peace summit next year.


The conference will be held from October 2-4, 2015 and was announced with a Facebook post that included a photo of the signatures of those involved in the first such meeting 50 years ago. It is in honor of former Florence mayor Giorgio La Pira, who created the original peace conference and served as mayor in the wake of World War II.


The conference intends to open a dialogue for peace by starting at the city level. Mayors from cities around the world, including cultural and economic capitals and those currently facing war, are expected to attend the event.


Nardella has already been in contact with several mayors from around the world and believes it will be an opportunity to open a dialogue between them in order to launch an appeal for “peace, solidarity and culture.”


“Wars are at the threshold of our continent: we think towards Russia, Ukraine,” said Nardella. “The mayors and cities need to make their voices heard: the diplomacy of big cities can reach where those of the State cannot.”


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