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Florence’s Gardens Host Lynn Chadwick Sculptures



Florence is dedicating a ‘bucolic’ route to Lynn Chadwick, one of last century’s master British sculptors, with 24 of his metal artworks on show at the Boboli and Bardini gardens.

Chadwick’s art lends a strong architectural quality to the manual work of a sculptor, particularly evident in his first works, which are characterized by hand-worked and engraved bronze surfaces. In fact, Chadwick’s art became increasingly more geometric in his later works but nevertheless impart a consistent reflection on the relationship between man and nature.

Chadwick won his first award at the Venice Biennale in 1952. A later edition of the same exhibition held in 1956 saw him awarded the international prize for sculpture, marked the beginning of a glorious career. Chadwick’s works are mainly on display in New York, London, Paris and Brussels, where he found his greatest success.

The ‘bucolic’ route curated by Alberto Salvadori in honor of the British artist remains in place until August 30.


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