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From the Florentine Trecentesco to Modern Fashion

The Florentine Trecentesco, an antique technique for gold leaf work on furniture pieces, frames and various accessories, inspired Piero Puliti, a designer specialized in shirts and ties, to express his sensibility for the unusual composition of materials and colors.
After growing up in San Frediano, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Florence, Piero’s love for everything fashion-related drove him to carve out a place for himself in this field, creating custom phenomena for the Florentine fashion boutiques that in the 70’s were the leaders in the field.
Later, Piero concentrated on the creation of prêt-a-porter fashion for both men and women. This particular field constantly needs new ideas, as products immediately undergo market testing. Therefore, it constitutes the best training ground for a creative mind.
Piero’s dream, however, was still that of having a space of his own in the heart of Florence. All he wanted was a shop where he could express his creations, taste and style freely. In 1994 this dream came true and he opened a shop on Via Del Corso, the first in Florence to offer only shirts and ties with a vast selection of fabrics. Cottons come from the best mills in Italy and the ties, realized by major silk factories in the northern Italian city of Como, are designed by Piero exclusively for his shop. As he had always dreamt.


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