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Galleria Gagliardi Hosts Alma Materia

The San Gimignano based Gagliardi Contemporary Art Gallery is hosting the collective exhibition Alma Materia until Dec. 10.
Curated by Alessandra Frosini and Stefano Gagliardi, the exhibit showcases 20 sculptures and installations from a group of internationally acclaimed artists including Annalù, Giuseppe Bergomi, Giorgio Bevignani, Aron Demetz, Michelangelo Galliani, Graziano Pompili, Matteo Tenardi: artists that differ stylistically as some of them represent the human form figuratively, while others present abstractions concerned with the transformation of gallery-space.
According to curator Alessandra Frosini, the purpose of such diversity is to “cross styles and groups, classifications and labels,” and to bring the spectator back to the origins of artistic creation, to “the purest sources of artistic performance.”
The exhibition is thus unified by its intent: first, to challenge the way in which one perceives and interacts with form and matter; second, in the words of the curator, to convey that “subtle balance” between “the natural and the artificial,” said Frosini.
Alma Materia (meaning matter that nourishes, that generates life) intends to draw attention to the strengths that run through and strike matter, leading to the birth of the work of art.
Starting from a reflection on the expressive qualities of different materials, revealed through the variable relationships between the artist’s interpretation and the adhesion to the physical substance of things, it is possible to learn the complexity of the metamorphoses that take place during an artistic creation.
Particular attention is focused on presences and surfaces that tell of suspended atmospheres filled with suggestion: be they essential and lyrical, yelled or whispered, always far-removed from every technical and narrative complacency.
This year the Galleria Gagliardi is celebrating its 25th anniversary.


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