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Gianni Asdrubali at Santo Ficara

The Santo Ficara contemporary art gallery presents Zanorre, an exhibition on the works of Gianni Asdrubali, from Oct. 21 to Nov. 15.

Born in 1955 in Tuscania, Asdrubali emerged as an abstract painter and is noted for his large-scale works on canvas or wall. In the early 80s he became a member of the Italian art movement, Astrazione Povera, which reduced figures to mere lines and had no place for quotations or the immediate expression of the subject. This style broke away from the popular postmodern and trans-avant-garde movements, which were based in an overabundance of colors, matter, narrative, and expression.

Asdrubali explores the notions of space and emptiness in a whole new way. He has exhibited in some of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art galleries and become one of the most renown Italian abstract artists.


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