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Giovanni Dal Ponte on Display


Exhibit runs until March 12 at the Accademia Gallery
The Accademia Gallery is hosting the first monographic event ever dedicated to the painter Giovanni dal Ponte (1385–1437/8). Curated by Angelo Tartuferi and Lorenzo Sbaraglio, the exhibit, which runs until March 12, showcases around 50 artworks. Dal Ponte’s style betrayed an acute awareness of the work being done by the most important artists active in Florence in the first three decades of the 15th century
– artists such as Gherardo Starnina, Lorenzo Monaco and Lorenzo Ghiberti, or Masaccio, Masolino da Panicale and Fra Angelico.
The most important work to have survived from his earliest period is a triptych originally painted for the church of Sant’Andrea in Brozzi, currently in the Museo di San Donnino in Campi Bisenzio. For a long time the painting was at- tributed to a hypothetical “Master of the Brozzi Annunciation.” However, it is now considered to be an example of Giovanni dal Ponte’s early work, dated circa 1410, containing clear references to the work of Gherardo Starnina.
The Accademia Gallery’s large triptych entitled The Coronation of the Virgin with Four Saints has been restored for this exhibition – as have other paintings on display–pointing to the quality of Dal Ponte’s draughtsmanship and the intensity of his palette.

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