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IN HONOR OF VALENTINE’S DAY: Natural Aphrodisiacs to Improve Your Groove

It happens to almost every couple in a long-term relationship. In time, the sizzling passion cools. Should you break up? Have an affair? Get a divorce? Before doing anything drastic, take a deep breath and be assured that it’s perfectly normal to experience a lull once in awhile. Stress, work, kids- the daily grind- can dampen your sex life. How can you improve your libido the easy and natural way? By changing your mindset, adding a bit more spontaneity into your life, and eating foods that will naturally increase your desire and overall health.
The following is a list of 8 foods that will help you get your groove back.
1. Seafood: You’ve heard about oysters being aphrodisiacs due to their high content of zinc, which is essential for sexual health and reproduction, but what about other forms of seafood? Oily fish like herring and salmon contain omega 3 fatty acids, which aid in maintaining a healthy heart and arteries. During intercourse, a strong heart and clean arteries keeps the blood pumping and flowing to where it’s needed. Other zinc-rich foods include almonds and asparagus.
2. Chocolate: Naturally boosts serotonin levels and gives you a burst of energy (like caffeine). Did you know that consuming large amounts of chocolate creates the same euphoric feeling as being in love? It’s true. Try it.
3. Wild Arugula: Foods packed with antioxidants help block free radicals and other negative chemical toxins that may cause damage to the libido. Remember, good health promotes desire. Other high antioxidant foods are kiwi and citrus fruits.
4. Figs: The “divas” of the fruit world. Figs are enticing to look at, sensual to eat, and contain loads of fiber. Consuming high-fiber foods causes you to feel full so you eat less, thus keeping you in shape. The old rule is true: if you LOOK good, you will FEEL good, which enables you to be more confident, happy, sexy.
5. Strawberries: Not only are these fruits red (the color of passion), they are also rich in Vitamin B, which helps produce high sperm counts in men.
6. Banana: This phallic fruit is a powerhouse of potassium, vitamins, and minerals. There is also a special enzyme, bromelain, that specifically promotes the male libido.
7. Avocado: The ancient Aztecs believed the avocado to be a powerful aphrodisiac and named it ahuacate, which literally means “testicle.” This creamy, decadent fruit is especially beneficial for pregnant women since it is loaded with folic acid.
8. Eggs: Balances hormones and stress via high quantities of Vitamins B5 and B6. Eating eggs shortly before sexual intercourse will enhance the experience. Think about that the next time you’re eating an omelette.
After adding the above foods into your diet, go out and buy yourself a new outfit, get a babysitter for the kids (or better yet, go on weekend getaway or book a hotel room to break the monotony), buy a bottle of good wine, turn on some soft music…I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

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