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Il Ponte Presents Jan Fabre


Knight of the Night Exhibit to Run Until Dec. 18

By Emily Baqir

The Contemporary Art Gallery Il Ponte is presenting the exhibit “Knight of the Night” by Jan Fabre. The exhibit showcases a series of works by the belgian artist realized from 1997 to 2013 that have the common theme of Chivalric romance.

Main characteristic of Fabre’s art is that the viewer is invited to a metamorphosis, in the specific case of this exhibit that of the tragic chivalric eroe, to reach the infinite potential of each person. As the viewer, the artist himself enters with his body into his artworks confronting with the body of others in an attempt to metabolize them.

“I want to become what I live and become what I want to become changing shape different times, liberating myself of feelings and emotions already experimented, looking for new ones through new bodies,” is Fabre’s motto.

The works presented aim to invite the audience to a dialogue, as the viewer is asked to ‘enter’ into the body of the work, transcending himself and his mental and physical limits becoming the principal subject of a metamorphosis.

All the art of Fabre refers to the human body, its fragility, and its possible defense. His fascination with the human body and for science dates back to his youth, a period from which, influenced by the research entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915), the Belgian artist’s favorite activity was to examine the insects and other animals by dissecting their bodies and turning them into new creatures. In Fabre’s conception of metamorphosis the existence of man and animals interact continuously. According to the artist, the representation of the body and spiritual senses, and the creation of various types of bodies in their transformations, is dictated by the natural cycle of growth and decay.

The entire art of Fabre is conceived in the name of beauty, as an ‘exercise’ in which we all celebrate life as a preparation for death.

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