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Italian Company Eliminates “Cork Taint”

Italian company Brentapack has found a way to eliminate the smell of cork in wine bottles with a patented cork-sanitation process developed entirely in Italy.


The study, launched in 2013 in partnership with the University of Trento, focuses upon the elimination of trichloroanisole (TCA), the compound responsible for the so-called “cork taint.” The elimination of TCA is one of the wine industry’s primary aims, as it typically loses two to five percent of its product to contamination each year, a figure that significantly impacts economic gains for large-scale wine production. Despite advances in technology with synthetic corks, many companies still prefer the benefits of natural cork.   
Although still a start-up company, Brentapack is already breaking new frontiers in wine technology with a patented line of adhesive-free corks made from a blend of thermoplastic materials, which are also fully recyclable.   


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