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La Buchetta: Named from the Source

Located in the upper part of Via de’ Benci near Ponte alle Grazie, wine bar and restaurant La Buchetta derives its name from a longstanding local tradition of wine tabernacles, which in Florentine dialect were called “buchette.”

Too small for people, too low to be used as windows, and with a consistent architectural style: a 40-centimeter door-like hole closed by a wooden shutter, crowned by an arch and framed by bricks. These are the so-called “wine tabernacles” of Florence can still can be seen on the facades of some Florentine palaces. Although they are called tabernacles, they are not of religious significance.

At the end of the 16th century, northern Europe, especially England, presented tough competition to Florentine merchants, in particular in the textile markets. Because of this, Florentine families abandoned the business that had made them rich and began a more profitable investment: land. Once established, they began selling their products directly to the consumer, rather than to taverns, leading to the birth of tabernacles as the means of wine vending.

La Buchetta

Via De’ Benci 3/3a

055 21 78 33



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