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Learning to Sew

Colorful, creative and social. It is this shop, named Merenda in Sartoria and tucked away in the heart of San Frediano, that a local young woman with a passion for sewing teaches an art that was a joy and a way of life for our grandmothers. The workshop’s title derives from the idea of enjoying afternoon tea at the tailor’s.  

What the shop offers is not simply limited to sewing. Classes are available in knitting, crocheting, and other workshops are run throughout the year, further fusing creativity with a friendly atmosphere.

Merenda in Sartoria is a place to delve into the world of design more seriously for aspiring seamstresses, or to pursue a budding hobby amidst an environment of good conversation and innovation. Events are announced on the facebook page of the shop.


Merenda in Sartoria

Via del Drago d’Oro, 11/r

338 958 9205



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