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Leather and Suitcases for over 200 Years

It all began shortly after Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba after his military campaigns in Europe. In 1815 the Gazzarrini store opened in Florence at the same location as today, on Via Porta Rossa. At that time the store’s address was number 13, which corresponds to today’s 71–73/r. The shop initially produced saddles and suitcases. The rst landmark change came in 1911 when Giuseppe Gazzarrini, an employee of the shop, bought the rm and decided to specialize in suitcases.
In the 1920s the rm began to exhibit at national and international trade fairs, where it was appreciated for the quality of its products.
One of the Gazzarrini family’s most di cult moments came in 1966,
when Florence’s famous flood deeply damaged the shop. After the ood, the Gazzarrini came up with their most innovative idea. They were the rst to introduce “sti suitcases” to Florence, which at the time just was an American novelty.
Today you can nd countless leather goods at the shop in Via Porta Rossa, as well as travel accessories and quality brands, including Samsonite, Tumi, and Longchamp, of which Gazzarrini is an exclusive dealer.


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