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Levi’s Revisits 1950s Collection for Spring/Summer 2022

By Maxine Friedman

FLORENCE, Italy – Levi’s Made & Crafted has taken a more inclusive approach in its re-launch of the Denim Family collection, 72 years after its inception, with its genderless pieces.

An interactive display set up at an event that took place March 2 at the Société Anonyme shop in Florence reintroduced customers to the collection.  

The brand created a collection in the 1950s, called Denim Family, made to dress every man, woman and child. The line included several different pieces, such as denim jackets, trousers, shirts and dresses. 

Made & Crafted, Levi’s premium sub-collection, released a reimagined version of the Denim Family line for Spring and Summer 2022 on Feb. 24, during Milan Fashion Week. The new Denim Family includes a lineup of the 11 indigo denim styles that surpass gender boundaries. 

Made for Everyone: Levi’s Made and Crafted announces the re-imagined genderless collection.

All the pieces included in the collection are loose-fitting and shapeless, creating a universal A-frame shape. 

“This is the most exciting and conceptual part of Levi’s Made & Crafted this season,” Paul O’Neill, Design Director for Levi’s Made & Crafted, said. “It’s a more fashion-forward capsule that feels fresh and modern, but that still links with Levi’s history.”

The Denim Family collection features ultra-wide bottoms, seen in cropped, pleated, straight-legged, short, or overall styles. Tops are just as ambiguous looking with long smocks, patch pocket jackets and long ultra-loose chambray shirts. 

The new collection will still include Levi’s well-known sunset logo patch. 

Influencers, brand personnel and customers entered Société Anonyme for both a visual and tangible futuristic experience.

In an area designated to the entirety of the Denim Family collection, a digital installation by the shop’s window gave buyers and onlookers the chance to try on the garments and act as a model for the brand. 

Those who stood inside the installment, which had lights and TVs facing inward, could post the picture of themselves on their own social media pages or be featured on a Levi’s Made and Crafted social media page. 

Professional models were also there to help show off the collection.


On social media, customers and fans appear to be divided in their opinions about the Denim Family line. 

The multimedia experience, and the entire collection, will remain available to all at the Société Anonyme shop in Florence until March 12.