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March Madness in Florence: Stay Connected to College Hoops

By Dylan Nikoletopoulos

If you are an avid college hoops fan, sometimes studying abroad can get in the way of staying connected with your team back home. However, even while in Italy you don’t have to miss out as your favorite teams make their way to the final four. As the regular college basketball season is coming to an end, the Big Dance picture is a little bit clearer and closer.

Florence hosts more than 5000 American students every semester, and local restaurants and bars, realizing that Americans love their sports, offer opportunities for you to watch your favorites. Whether you are a hard-core college hoops fanatic or have no idea why people call it “March Madness”, why not go out and enjoy the college hoops atmosphere around town? Just as you see Italian soccer fans yelling and cheering in front of TV screens in bars everywhere, you too can show your support for our American teams.

This year especially is a year not to miss. With Kentucky ranked in first place with an undefeated record, UVA making historical improvements and Duke triumphing despite the loss of shooting guard Rasheed Sulaimon, there is no shortage of madness going into this year’s March.

This March is a calling to everyone from those who don’t know what the Big Dance means, to those who can list every top 25 team’s field goal percentage. Create your bracket, choose your team and see how long your March madness lasts!