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Masterpieces Meet in Prato

An exhibition of masterpieces by Tuscan and Venetian artists, many of which have never before been displayed to the public, is on show at the Palazzo Pretorio Museum in Prato until January 6.

Meeting Masterpieces displays 86 works by artists including Caravaggio, Filippo Lippi, Bellini, Caravaggio, Tiepolo, Tintoretto and Jacopo Bassano, which have been drawn from the private collection of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza and range in scope from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries.  

The exhibition is divided into four sections; the first, entitled Imago Magistra examines religious themes with such singular works as Caravaggio’s Coronation of Thorns, Giovanni Bellini’s Crucifixion, Jacopo Bassano’s Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist and Filippo Lippi’s Madonna and Child. The second section, The Ideal Image, explores humanity’s myths and beliefs with such works as Cesare Dandini’s Apollo and Gaspare Diziani’s The Entrance of Alexander the Great into Babylon, while The Face of the Idea: The Portrait takes a broader approach to the genre of portraiture to analyse the ways in which sitters chose to be represented and how this communicates the psychological and social states of the era with such works as Portrait of Doge Nicolò da Ponte by Tintoretto and Portrait of Ferdinando de’ Medici by Santi di Tito.  Finally, Beautiful Nature showcases a range of landscapes and still-life works by such artists as Zuccarelli, Zais, Chimenti and Scacciati that query the truth and falsity of representing nature through painting.

The exhibition is organized by the Banca Popolare di Vicenza together with the Comune of Prato and curated by Fernando Rigon.

Meeting Masterpieces

Until January 6, 2015

Palazzo Pretorio Museum, Prato

Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri: 10 a.m.–7 p.m.

Sat, Sun & holidays: 10 a.m.–8 p.m. (closed Tues)

057 41 93 49 961



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