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Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Pizza

The best way to approach the preparation of a pizza, rather than with what should be done, is probably by avoiding what should not be done. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that people often make when preparing their own pizza.

Use improper flour: This is important because it sets up the foundation of your pizza, the crust. If the correct flour is not used for the dough, it can prevent the crust from rising or make it rubbery. Use an average-strength flour that has 10–12 grams of protein.

Combine the yeast and salt wrongly: This must be done in a very specific way. Mix the two ingredients first in two separate bowls with water before putting them together. This prevents the salt from damaging the yeast.

Let the dough rest for too little time: You must set the yeast aside so that it can “rest” for two to three hours after first making it to enable the yeast to work. Then divide it into small sections of 200–300 grams and allow it to sit for six to eight hours to become soft.

Manipulate the dough too much: After the lasting resting session, roll out the dough and begin to form the shape of the pizza. However, you must also tap and knead the dough to make it firm.

Bake in an inappropriate baking tin: The perfect pizza requires a lot of heat, especially from underneath. Consequently a thin aluminum pan will give you the best results.

Use mozzarella that is too damp: Make sure you drain the mozzarella before you put it on your pizza. The best way to do this is to cut it the night before and set it in a colander in a refrigerator overnight or for a few hours. This method is also effective for buffalo mozzarella.

Put on toppings before baking: If you apply the toppings too early, they will burn your pizza. Instead, put the mozzarella and vegetables on right before the pizza is done cooking. Toppings like ham or meat can be added after it has been removed from the oven.


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