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Mona Lisa’s Remains “Very Likely” Found

The technology to determine if the DNA of the human remains recently found in a Florence convent are those of Leonardo’s model for the famous Mona Lisa’s painting still does not exist, experts said last month. The statement came after the release of the results of carbon-14 tests on one of three batches of bones that have been dated back to the period of Lisa’s death in 1542.

“There are converging elements, above and beyond the results of the carbon-14 tests, that say we may well have found Lisa’s grave; I’m talking of historical, anthropological and archeological analyses that have been carried out very rigorously,” said lead researcher Silvano Vincenti.

“We can’t provide absolute certainty that some of the remains examined are Lisa’s but the likelihood is very high. I have to say that many historians would have stated this was Lisa on the basis of written records, with many fewer elements and without scientific data.”

According to Vincenti, it will take several more years to invent the technology to confirm the discovery but that, when invented, this could even provide information on the color of eyes, hair and skin of the remains of the people found and possibly solve a centuries-long mystery. Scientists will be able to digitally reconstruct how the model looked like when the remains of the model will be found.


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