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New Archaeological Site Uncovers City’s Ancient Urban Fabric

A new archaeological site revealing Florence’s ancient Roman and early Christian heritage together with the history of the Duomo has opened to the public. On display at Santa Reparata, the exhibition traces the city’s history from the Roman city of Florentia in the first century AD through to the fourteenth century, covering the Duomo’s origins in the early Christian period, and Florence’s Romanesque and medieval periods.


A splendid mosaic floor created by North African workers in the early Christian period is one of the highlights of the layout, designed by architect Samuel Caciagli to render the richly stratified site legible to visitors, which also features key lighting and multimedia information points in English and Italian.
The new exhibition is part of a series of measures put in place by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore to allow visitors to enjoy the great wealth of monuments held in the Great Duomo Museum, which is closed for renovations until November 2015.