Barack Obama, has been recently speculating on what his plans are after his presidency has come to an end. After two terms Obama hinted to the days when “in just over a year, no longer will I cover this role, I will be among you as a citizen.”

Before his political career Obama found himself the editor of the Harvard Law Review, which later led him to publishing in mid 1995. He also has had experience teaching, and Obama shows interest in educating young people and bringing employment to the neighborhoods where there is none.
Many expect him to write a third book after the bestselling “Dreams from My Father,” and the “Audacity of Hope,” and inspiration for his next book might be found right here in Tuscany. Obama commented “immediately after the inaugurations of the next president, I will be somewhere on the beach drinking from a coconut. Who knows, maybe in Italy?”

During his trip to Rome and the Vatican during the spring of 2014 President Obama showed enthusiasm for the tourism and culture Italy has to offer. Finding inspiration in the history and art, the president wants to devote himself to writing and find time to reflect. Corriere a US diplomat in Italy adds that Obama might choose to spend this time of reflection in Italy.

The presidency comes with a desirable retirement plan and a pension annually set by congress currently standing at over 200,000$. Before venturing to Italy the Obamas might remain in Washington until 14-year-old Sasha finishes high school. A source close to the family might indicate them moving to New York City instead of their home in Chicago. However the fashion and fast pace of Milan were a perfect fit for the three Obama girls during their visit and they have expressed interest in returning showing enthusiasm for the shopping, art galleries and healthy cooking classes.


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