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Open Art Hosts Fabbri

A collection of works by Agenore Fabbri (1911-1998) is on display until the end of November at the Open Art Gallery in Prato. The collection represents a small but significant view of the influential Italian painter, sculptor and ceramist. Entrance is free.

The exhibit focuses on the production of Fabbri from 1957-1965, featuring 30 pieces between sculptures and paintings.

Fabbri’s art is characterized by a high dramaticity, a consequence of the suffering deriving to the artist from the experience of World War II. His intense expressionism caresses and revisits the wounds of the war.

Born in Quarraya, Tuscany, Fabbri began his art career by working with ceramic and terracotta, eventually moving on to bronze and wood. In the early 1980s, he discovered painting, favoring oils and acrylics. In the last “phase” of his career, Fabbri focused on ‘recovery’ materials, such as sand, stones, rags, and more.

Fabbri has been one of the most important contemporary Italian artists, having exposed in the main Italian and international contemporary art galleries including the Italian Galleria del Milione, the Galleria del Naviglio, Studio Marconi, as well as galleries in Madrid, Paris, Munich, London, New York, Boston and Tokyo. He has also participated in some of the most important Italian fairs, including four editions of the Venice Biennale and several editions of the Quadriennale di Roma.

His works are displayed in some of the principal museums in the world, including the MART museum, Rovereto, GAM, the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Uffizi Gallery, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Kunst Museum in Bonn, the Brooklyn and the MoMA in New York City and the modern art museums of Copenhagen, Graz, Munich and Sao Paulo.  


Free Admission

15.00-19.30 Monday – Friday

10.30-12.30 / 15.00-19.30 Saturday

Open Art Gallery

Viale della Repubblica, 24 – Prato

+39 0574 538003

galleria@openart.it www.openart.it



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