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An artistic dialogue spanning 500 years

Paying tribute to Da Vinci — An artistic dialogue spanning 500 years. Both China and Italy are major cultural countries with rich cultural heritage and long historical traditions. The exchanges between the two countries are highly complementary and have great potential for cooperation. Sino-Italian cultural exchanges have a long history.

The Dialogue

2019 is the 500th anniversary of the death of famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. 500 years ago, a master completed a painting of Mona Lisa in 20 years. Between light and shadow, he successfully captured the indescribable and unspeakable essence of life, bringing different aesthetic perceptions to generations. 500 years later, the master has gone a long way, and we are still on the road to beauty.

As the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy approaches in 2020, we will hold an exhibition in Florence to commemorate Leonardo da Vinci’s outstanding contribution to human artistic civilization and promote the strengthening of Sino-Italian cultural exchanges.

The Childrens

Twelve Chinese children are the main characters of this activity. They are not only models of folk art exchange but also messengers of Sino-Italian cultural exchange. They are Marco Polo in the new era. Youth always goes with dreams. The foundation of friendship between the two countries lies in the people. Twelve Chinese children as cultural emissaries will spread the seeds of love in Florence.

What about Leo

Although Leonardo da Vinci has left us, his painting spirit is still floating above Florence, and he is still pursuing those people and things of the European Renaissance.  The rich cultural atmosphere makes Florence’s streets, squares, churches, museums and art galleries look so young and full of vitality.  

This is an exhibition that pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci spanning 500 years, and is also an exhibition of the exchange and collision of western cultures. We look forward to your arrival!

La mostra

The exhibition was organized by Contemporary Associazione Culturale and invited by 12 students from Arttree Art Institute.  The venue is the famous Italian ancient building Convento di San Marco built in the 13th century. Below are the names of the students’ works and the pictures on the day of the exhibition.

All the works come from Arttree Art Institute.  

NO.1 Zhou Yujie 《warm hug》

NO.2  Isabella Qian 《The Power of Hope》

NO.3 Zhu Yicong《Light》

NO.4 Apple 《Love》

NO.5 Dai Jingyi 《The secret garden》

NO.6 Meng Ziyan《Sweety》

NO.7  Shao Mingyi  《The Air Balloon 》

NO.8  Wang Yinuo《Home》

NO.9 Simon lv 《In touch with nature》

No.10 Dorothy 《PEACE AND WAR》

NO.11 Andy Jiang 《Mummy and I sleep》

NO.12 Micky Chen 《Beautiful world》

NO.13 Sun Zhiyi《Bright and dark》

NO.14 Anita 《TREE》

NO.15 Alex 《Mom’s  love 》

NO.16 Eileen lv《Celebration and prayer》

NO.17 Wang Xinyu 《Sound of flowers》

NO.18 Bella《Peaceful life》

NO.19 Wang Yutong 《The fantasy world》

NO.20 Tian ziyan 《sunflower》

NO.21 Shirley 《Love and peace》