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Pedestrianization Continues


Pedestrianization of the city continues with plans for both Oltrarno and Piazzale Michelangelo to be car-free in 2015.      


Piazza del Carmine’s famous carpark will be reduced to the piazza’s perimeter by January 12, clearing the center for use by pedestrians. City officials anticipate that the piazza will already be more pedestrian-friendly in time for the holiday season, with plans for a Christmas market and other celebratory events.  


“By the end of the year, however, plans for the Oltrarno will already see the involvement of initial events, such as a New Year’s Eve concert,” said Florence mayor Dario Nardella.


Nardella also announced plans to pedestrianize Piazzale Michelangelo:


“By the end of 2015 we will also free Piazzale Michelangelo of cars, creating alternative parking spaces.”


Parking at Piazza del Carmine will be replaced by an underground lot to be built near the Brancacci Chapel. The project will also create a total rehabilitation of the roads in the Oltrarno region around Ponte Santa Trinita, as indicated by former mayor Matteo Renzi.


In the meantime, city officials are attempting to figure out new locations for the cars displaced by the project throughout the city.