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Plus Size is Chic Too


Mackenzie McKey


Having curves is not a bad thing, even if the magazines say so. Being curvy and posh is possible, especially with designer stores such as Elena Miro in the market.


One of the first stores in Italy to combine fashion with a woman’s figure, Elena Miro brings a unique outlook to the table on women in the fashion world.  


In the heart of Florence, Elena Miro is a plus size clothing store that offers nothing but quality products to its consumers. The plus size brand has made it this far due to its elegance and upscale items.


The company focuses on showing off real measures of women as opposed to hiding them behind frumpy clothing. Their brand focuses on the empowerment of women and ensuring they can see the beauty within their body, no matter what shape you are.


After over 22 years since the first store opening, the current network across the board is 230 single-brand stores as well as features in over 1,000 multi-brand stores.


One of their biggest accomplishments yet was the opening of an Elena Miro store in the heart of Milan.


Located on Via dei Tosinghi, the plus size brand gets a lot of traffic being just minutes from the Duomo. The store is comprised of two levels, the first offers casual or everyday wear while the second floor offers beautiful cocktail wear. The staff is extremely helpful and there to fulfill your needs. Upon entering the store, you are immediately greeted and asked if any assistance is needed.


Feel free to browse on your own or with the help of a willing associate.
If you’re not afraid to flaunt your curves, Elena Miro is here to help you show them off in all the right ways.


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