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Puccini Festival Returns

The 61st edition of the Puccini Festival is taking place in Torre del Lago, a small town near Viareggio in the province of Lucca, at the Great Open Air Theater. The Festival will present four operas by Puccini including Tosca, Madama Butterfly, Turandot, and Trittico.

Torre del Lago has a particular meaning to Puccini’s history. Here Puccini arrived at the end of the 1800s and fell in love with the beauty of the lake and the quaint, quietness of the village. He decided that it was the perfect location to embrace his creativity and to practice his craft. In Torre del Lago, Puccini composed all of his main operas..

The festival to tribute Giacomo Puccini began in 1930 and has become increasingly popular through the years. Beforehand, festival goers can visit the Villa-Mausoleum, a museum near the theater. At the museum, guests can see the preserved remains of Puccini, along with his tools and other artifacts that aided him in his success.

Leah Meyers

Ticket information is available att:  http://www.puccinifestival.it/en/.