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The largest comics festival in Europe and the second worldwide, the annual Lucca Comics & Games returns to the Tuscan city of Lucca Nov. 1 to 5 with a special theme: heroes. This year’s focus will be a ‘hero’ in any form, from those of comic books to those of cartoons, fantasy novels, videogames, movies and television series.

Ticket prices vary and can be purchased through the Comics and Games website. Should sales exceed 80,000  before the start of the event, tickets will no longer be available at Lucca.

The event as an intense history mixing suffering and success. Launched in 1965, the Salone Internazionale del Comics (“International Congress of Comics”) moved in 1966 to a small square in the center of Lucca and grew in size and importance over the years. In the end of the 70’s, funding issues reduced its frequency to every two years, while in the 1980s it was moved to a sports center outside Lucca city walls where it remained until 1992.

After the Salone internazionale del Comics ended in Lucca, city leaders launched a new convention called Lucca Comics, and in 1996 the fair changed its name to Lucca Comics & Games, attracting 50,000 in 2002. The fair then merged with the Salone internazionale del Comics held in Rome from 1995 to 2005, and in 2006, for its 40th anniversary, Lucca Comics & Games merged with the Salone and moved back to Lucca’s city center, with numerous tents and pavilions arranged in different squares within and outside the walls of the medieval city. Last year, the festival attracted 270,000 visitors.