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A Review of ESE 2017/2018 Graduation Ceremony

European School of Economics (ESE) held the graduation ceremony for all its
graduate and post-graduate students on April 2. The ceremony was held at Teatro Odeon on
Piazza Strozzi 2, near the ESE Florence campus. All students who had completed
undergraduate degrees from the University of Buckingham (UK) and University of Central Europe (UCEU) received their degrees.
The chief guest for the occasion was Professor Jozef Minďáš, a renowned and well-respected
scholar who also served as Director of the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the
Slovak Republic. Minďáš was also a member of the internatonal team, IPOO, and was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded by the UN Climate Commitee and the Al Gore Foundaton. Currently, he serves as the rector of the University of Central Europe in Skalica (UCEU).
Both the ESE Florence campus and the Teatro Cinema Odeon are located on distinguished venues in Florence.
The ESE campus is in Palazzo Rosselli Del Turco, a Renaissance Palace completed in1530 and located on Borgo Santi Apostoli. The Cinema Odeon is one of the most important cinema halls in Italy and is housed in another Renaissance palace, the Palazzo Strozzino.
ESE offers highly coveted courses in a wide variety of disciplines through a high education system based on modern pedagogy that aims at encouraging students to critically think and to acquire skills that they can later spend in the labor market.
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