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Ristorante Quinoa Offers a Healthier Option



Ristorante Quinoa began in Florence only one year ago, but has already become a popular lunch and dinner spot because of its unique, healthy food choices and all-day hours.

Ristorante Quinoa is known for their strictly gluten free menu. However, they offer vegetarian and vegan options as well. Although the restaurant does offer dishes with meat and fish on their daily menu, they tend to offer more dishes with vegetables because the chef himself is vegan. The chef also prepares a special menu each morning that changes from day to day and differs from the regular menu. Most places in Italy offer a lot of fish and a lot of meat and not as many vegetables, so this factor makes Ristorante Quinoa stand out. Where it once seemed to be a challenge to make certain foods gluten free, Ristorante Quinoa has now mastered the process and customers do not taste a difference in their pasta or bread.

Ristorante Quinoa is located at the Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore in a secluded area. There is an outdoor and indoor eating section of the restaurant. If you choose to eat outdoors, it will seem as if you are eating amongst a beautiful garden. Both indoor and outdoor tables have plants as center-pieces to contribute to the healthy lifestyle theme of the restaurant.

The restaurant is open everyday. The hours for Sunday and Monday are from 10:00 am — 4 p.m. and the hours for Tuesday — Saturday ¬†are 10:00 am — 11:00 pm.

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